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136mph Winds And Snow On Mauna Kea Last Night

8:56 PM · Feb 10, 2020

Stats from the National Weather Service: ...HIGHEST WIND REPORTS ASSOCIATED WITH STRONG COLD FRONT PASSAGE... A low pressure system passing by just north of the state, led to a strong cold front sweeping through the island chain from west to east overnight. Strong northwest winds developed along and behind the front, leading to sporadic power outages and few downed trees across the state. Below is a summary of the highest winds measured overnight through 4 AM HST: Location Speed ...Hawaii County... Mauna Kea Summit (CFHT) 136 MPH Kailua Kona Airport 43 MPH Pohakuloa Keamuku 43 MPH 5.1 SE Mauna Kea Summit 42 MPH Kamuela 40 MPH Puu Mali 40 MPH Nene Cabin 39 MPH Puhe CS 37 MPH Kohala Ranch 35 MPH PTA East 35 MPH Waikoloa 34 MPH Kaupulehu 33 MPH Kahuku Ranch 33 MPH PTA Kipuka Alala 33 MPH Puuanahulu 33 MPH Ahumoa 31 MPH 2.6 E Kamuela (SCAN) 31 MPH Kaloko-Honokohau 30 MPH Puuwaawaa 30 MPH

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