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What Happened to the ❤️s?

3:15 AM · Aug 14, 2021

Just wondering where the ❤️ emoticon disappeared to, that used to appear at the bottom of every post/article? Besides being able to indicate it was a favorite article of mine or the content was well-liked, it also served has a handy visual cue for me to easily and quickly see what the last post was that I read (and liked).


Hi Andrew, we removed the heart button as an experiment because we didn’t feel it was accurately communicating engagement. We really appreciate your feedback. We may add it back soon 🙂

Aug 14, 2021

Thank you for the prompt response, Moses. I don't know how you will interpret this as part of your experiment, but removing the heart button certainly got me engaged to communicate with you! :-)

Aug 14, 2021

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