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Vaccination And Tourism Poll Results

8:57 PM · Apr 6, 2021

Previously, we asked our audience considering travel to Hawaii Island if they would receive at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before traveling. A survey conducted by the Travel Leaders Network of their past and present clients found that 85% of those surveyed plan on getting the vaccine before traveling, with almost half of them already having received at least one shot as of March 2nd. We decided to do our own informal survey on March 23rd asking the question: “Before you travel to Hawaiʻi are you going to receive (or have you received) the COVID-19 vaccine?” We had 128 responses provided, with 87.5% stating they at least plan on receiving the vaccine before traveling, and 78.1% already receiving at least one dose of the vaccine already. 12.5% said they do not plan on taking the vaccine before traveling to Hawaii. Nobody out of the 128 people surveyed were undecided on taking the vaccine before traveling. While there are limitations and other issues with both surveys, the fact both surveys came out to roughly 85% of those that participated answering in the affirmative could mean the responses do accurately represent vaccination rates among potential travelers. Current vaccination rates are at 18.8% nationwide at the time of writing according to the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker. The State of Hawaii is administering shots at an above average rate, with 21.08% of the islands totally vaccinated. Increased Travel in March The month of March has represented the most significant changes in Travel to Hawaii since the pandemic began, with the implementation of the two week travel quarantine in 2020, and now a resurgence in visitors in 2021. Throughout March 2021, passenger arrivals more than doubled into the State, going from a 7-day average of 7,972 passengers at the start of the month, and 19,264 on March 31st. Final Thoughts The discrepancy between vaccination rates across the country and the rates travelers are reporting creates an interesting contrast, and raises some interesting questions as to why the split exists. It could be that many would be travelers postponed their trips in 2020, and now they see vaccination as a means to safe travel, but it could also be the case that those that have already received the vaccine are more willing to fill out a survey about taking the vaccine. There are likely other contributing factors that explain the disproportional amount of travelers saying they have received the vaccination and the US statistics on vaccinations, but our results do match the survey done by Travel Leaders Network. Interesting Comments From Our Survey Here are some of the most interesting quotes submitted alongside our survey: - “Traveling to Maui April 6. Both my husband and I have received both of our vaccines. As seniors we feel daft to travel.” - “I have had both but will not fly until vaccination, infections, etc. stats are better.” - “I respect the local community, and want to ensure that I have been vaccinated before coming back to the island. Thank you.” - “I won't take part in the experiment. Societies reaction to covid is overblown. Flu killed more then covid in Hawaii. My healthy sister died 5 days after getting the vaccine trial shot.” - “If I STILL have to provide a “negative test result” AND/OR quarantine AFTER having RECEIVED BOTH shots" - "I WILL BE PISSED !! Being able to visit my daughter & grands is THE ONLY reason I decided to get vaccinated, period.” - “Already have both doses and coming over in August. Let's re-open Hawaii and get more cash flow into the state!” - “I travel interisland, and can hardly wait to be able to go home without having to quarantine. I work in Honolulu and live on the Big Island - precisely the reverse of what's needed for an exemption. Grrrrrr…” - “I have not been ill for many years and have had medical issues with certain vaccines in the past (Flu, Pneumonia etc. due to ingredients within the vaccines themselves) Have tested negative several times for Covid19 virus in 2020 & 2021. Do not plan on taking any vaccines for Covid19 or any variants. Have not even gotten the flu vaccine for over 30 years.” - “I will probably visit my daughter and granddaughter on the Big Island sometime this year. I have already had both vaccinations (Pfizer). I will still probably use other precautions during travel. My daughter would like to be vaccinated soon, but it seems things are moving more slowly there. Mahalo for your public service.” - “Coming from Canada there are several factors. 1) our Vaccination rates are well behind that of the US. Over 90% of Canadians have still not had their first shot. 2) We still have a 14 day quarantine upon arrival back to Canada 3) We have a mandatory 72 hour hotel quarantine upon landing in Canada. We unfortunately will not be travelling outside of Canada until the 14 day & 72 hour Hotel quarantines are lifted.”

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