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USGS-HVO Presentation Highlights: 2020 Conditions

3:55 AM · Mar 3, 2020

The latest volcanic update on Mauna Loa and Kīlauea volcanoes at the start of 2020, compiled from USGS-Hawaiian Volcano Observatory presentations during the month of January as part of Volcano Awareness month. We have clipped relevant portions relating to the 2020 volcanic status from 5 different, broader-ranging public talks, cleaned them up, and arranged them in a logical progression. The intent is to present mostly the newly shared information and results, rather than data discussed in our previous updates or the basics of volcano monitoring. Includes: 0:00 - Mauna Loa volcanic signals building 9:24 - Kīlauea volcanic signals ongoing & building 12:25 - Lower East Rift heat dispersal 15:52 - Halema‘uma‘u water lake growing 17:05 - Gas emissions & pond interaction 21:55 - Volcanic lake colors world-wide 24:51 - Hazards of rising lake 27:27 - HVO facilities update Questions will be answered in an upcoming video, so please drop them in the comments! What has you confused, or needs more explanation or context?

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