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USGS-HVO Mauna Loa Update For December 15th

8:38 PM · Dec 15, 2022

USGS - Mauna Loa is no longer erupting. As of 7:00 a.m. today, December 15, webcams only captured residual incandescence and no lava movement in the F3 vent. The channels below the vent appear drained of lava and no longer feed the main flow front. The inactive main flow front remains stalled about 1.7 mi (2.8 km) from the Daniel K. Inouye Highway (Saddle Road) when last measured on the morning of December 10. The inactive main flow front still glows at a few spots at night and may inch northward very slowly as it continues to settle. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission rates are at background levels; on December 10, the emission rate was approximately 2,000 tonnes per day (t/d). The Hawaii Interagency Vog Information Dashboard has detailed information about vog: Forecasts for the dispersion of vog can be found on the VMAP Vog Forecast Dashboard: Tremor (a signal associated with subsurface fluid movement) is no longer detectable; summit and Northeast Rift Zone inflation is slowing. The significance of the continuing inflation while the flow field is inactive is not yet clear; it is common for eruptions to wax and wane or pause completely, but none of the eight recorded eruptions from Mauna Loa’s Northeast Rift Zone returned to high eruption rates after those rates decreased significantly. Nevertheless, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory continues to closely monitor the current activity. There is no active lava within Moku'āweoweo caldera nor in either rift zone. Satellite imagery shows the entire 2022 flow field cooling and no longer active. --- END OF USGS UPDATE --- Image from the M8cam looking at Fissure 3, taken at 10:26am 12.15.22


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