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Update on Hawai’i active COVID cases

10:17 AM · Aug 19, 2020

A while back I posted plots of the active COVID cases in Hawaii. Since then cases have more than doubled in one month. On Hawai’i island we are still in pretty good shape - as compared. We don’t get raw daily test numbers by county/island, so the best we get there is the total positivity rate for the state and the graphs from the State DOH. This graph of testing positivity by county was put together by Dane DuPont - A modified version of data presented by the Hawaii Department of Health. DOH has provided more information today on COVID-19 clusters around the state, includes a breakdown of cases at long term care facilities The State (mostly Oahu) outbreak so far is not reflected on island here, either in new cases or in active cases. Somebody on Facebook said “just stay out of the mudhole” - meaning Oahu, but for some people that isn’t really possible (not all medical care is available here), and we do have some community spread here on the island as well. Active cases statewide and for our island below: Updated numbers and plots can be found at Update from State Government below:

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