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UPDATE 3, Day 1: Lowest Maunaloa Fissure Active, November 28, 2022

8:04 AM · Nov 29, 2022

After a busy day of eruptive changes, Maunaloa's upper fissures closer to the summit have deactivated, focusing the eruption on "Fissure 3" on the Northeast Rift Zone. Further vent changes are possible over the next hours to days, but the current configuration would eventually send lava towards parts of Hilo, barring the likelihood of further change. There is no short-term threat to people or infrastructure, but that would change with sustained high volume and advance of lava flows over the next several days. We will continue to share and discuss official reports, complemented by crowd-sourced media as the situation unfolds. #MaunaloaErupts #Maunaloa #Maunaloa2022

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