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UH Hilo Commences Field Trials To Study The Production Of Sugarcane for Jet Fuel

10:14 PM · Mar 29, 2021

A new study is underway at UH Hilo to cultivate sugar cane for the use as biofuel in aviation. The study will be completed of a three-tier plan, with the ultimate goal being to attract students from abroad to collaborate with the University and later move towards local production capacities. “The aviation industry recognizes that bio-based, or sustainable aviation fuels are essential to the future of aviation,” says Mathews. “Fully one-half of the industry’s greenhouse gas reduction goals for 2050 can only be achieved via sustainable jet fuels. Electric airplanes are only feasible for small planes on short-distance flights and the only electric airplane under development that has substantial range is a hybrid that still requires liquid fuel.” Full story from UH Hilo, via Kiaria Zoi Nakamura:

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