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Mikey “Redd” O’Shaughnessy Update and How To Help

12:39 AM · Apr 14, 2021

Back in February, Mikey O'Shaughnessy suffered a horrific wipeout and miraculously revived by North Shore lifeguards. He's still recovering, is unable to drive, and is going through post-concussion syndrome. Here's the latest from a fundraiser created for Mikey: "Mikey needs help with medical bills!! He took a horrific wipeout, drowned at pipeline, was revived by north shore lifeguards, attained aspiration pneumonia, major whiplash, is unable to drive, and going through post-concussion syndrome. Please help Mikey with his road to recovery." For those who would like to support Mikey and his medical bills, here is a link to the fundraiser: Here's a full write-up on what happened that day.

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