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Maunaloa Summary, Day 15: Eruptive Phase Ends

3:03 AM · Dec 13, 2022

After 2 weeks, Maunaloa's eruptive phase appears to have ended, with no more lava fountains or active lava flows from the Fissure 3 vent. The possibility still remains for another phase with lower eruption rates, considering that the volcano can be seen to be already refilling with magma on monitoring instruments. However, rapid inflation immediately followed both the 1975 and 1984 eruptions as well, so it is also possible we have witnessed the end of the full 2022 eruption. Much less gas is being emitted, significantly reducing air quality impacts island-wide. Kīlauea has entered a pause with no lava on its surface, but continues to fill with magma and may resume its activity sooner than later, after recent adjustments to Maunaloa's activity. All its adjustments are taking place in the summit region within Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park. We review the most important imagery including the USGS live feed, monitoring signals, reports, and earthquakes, annotating and discussing live viewer questions as usual.

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