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Maunaloa Eruption Summary, Day 3: Earthquakes Down, Flow Creeps Towards Highway

2:59 AM · Dec 1, 2022

The third day of Maunaloa's eruption sees the leading edge of the largest lava flow continue to slowly approach the Saddle Road, also known as Daniel K Inouye Highway. The flow is roughly 3.6 miles out and advanced at 0.08 miles per hour last night and 0.02 miles per hour today, indicating that the soonest it could reach the highway is within two days -- presuming the flow does not continue to slow or spread on flatter ground, which seems likely. The "Fissure 3" vent appears established as the main source of lava, with "Fissure 4" still active but issuing smaller flows. USGS has noted that the decrease in earthquakes near the eruption site may indicate a stabilization of the magma supply system, and that the chances of further vents opening downrift have been reduced but not eliminated. Without further changes, there is little threat to people or property, though the potential closure of the cross-island highway will have significant impacts on transportation travel times.

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