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Mapping of Mauna Loa by Kit Tincher

11:34 PM · Dec 9, 2022

Update from Kit Tincher - "Just geeking out as we wait to see what is going to happen next with the eruption. I wanted to share a few 3D scenes I put together that I thought might help some visualize where the flows were and what the topography looked like around the area. Red polygon is the current 2022 Mauna Loa lava flows and all historic flows are colored in pastel colors. Roads are also shown in black lines. Pic 1 is from the NE looking back over the shoulder of Mauna Kea at Mauna Loa. Pic 2 is high above Kohala looking towards the SE. Pic 3 is generally over Hilo/Hamakua coast looking SW. You can see Kilauea Caldera to the left of the image. Enjoy, aloha!" Kit

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