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M4.6 Deep Earthquake In Pahala at 8:36pm HST

6:59 AM · Oct 6, 2021

A magnitude 4.6 deep earthquake struck Pahala at 8:36pm HST with a depth of 31.8km. The earthquake has had multiple aftershocks, the largest being a M3.2 at 8:39pm, followed by a M1.8 at 8:42pm. The depth and location of these earthquakes suggest they are related to the ongoing seismic activity deep beneath the Pahala area, and do not alter the ongoing volcanic hazards on Kilauea or Maunaloa. The earthquake was felt all around the Island of Hawaii. If you felt the earthquake you can report it to USGS here: If anything changes we will follow-up on this post. More information on the Pahala deep earthquakes can be found here, featuring USGS seismologist Brian Shiro:


There could be more aftershocks, but so far I only felt that main one (in Hilo)

Oct 6, 2021


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