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M4.5* Deep Earthquake Near Pahala at 4:32pm HST

2:43 AM · Jun 18, 2021

A magnitude 4.5* earthquake at 4:32pm has been recorded at a depth of 32.5km. The earthquake occurred at a depth and location consistent with deep Pahala earthquakes observed historically. The deep earthquakes in the region around Pahala happen between 30-40km beneath sea level, and have been occurring at a higher frequency in the last couple years. EDIT: The earthquake has been revised from a M4.1 up to M4.5. If you felt the earthquake you can report it USGS-HVO here: Philip Ong and myself will being going live with a Kilauea and Maunaloa update at 5pm HST on Hawaii Tracker on Facebook and on YouTube at HawaiiPODD (


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