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Lava flow Advancement Toward Saddle Road Slows

5:00 AM ยท Dec 1, 2022

USGS reports that the lava advance has slowed to 0.02 mph (~79ft per hr). The flow currently is around 3.5 miles from Saddle Road and has entered a relatively flat area compared to the northern flank. The remainder of the distance to the highway has similar Topography to the flatter area the flow has entered. As seen in past eruptions, rates of advancement are volatile and can fluctuate from hour to hour, making projective very difficult and carries a high degree of uncertainty. The lava flow is at roughly the 7,000 ft elevation level and is flowing over the 1843 and 1935 lava flows. The flow is likely to approach Saddle Road near Pu'u Huluhulu and follow the path of the 1935 lava flow, making a turn towards Hilo. "The flows are reaching a relatively flat area & are beginning to slow down; as this happens, the lava flow will spread out and inflate. It may take 2+ days for lava to reach Daniel K. Inouye Highway (Saddle Road)." ~ USGS DANIEL K. INOUYE HIGHWAY IS OPEN IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. Three car accidents were reported last night on the highway, please drive carefully and slow down. There were a lot of people out last night to see the lava and similar can be expected tonight. The County and HI-DOT are warning motorists that parking along side the Highway can lead to fines or towing of a vehicle.