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Kīlauea Eruption Update: Viewing Highlights, Maunaloa & Samoa

3:04 AM · Sep 2, 2022

Ooze-up lava flows added to the lava lake show this past week on Kīlauea, treating viewers to spectacular sights. Otherwise the eruption continues with its slow and steady changes, and no increased threat to people. Today we review webcam time-lapses, monitoring data and reports courtesy of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory that document the minor changes in activity, share fantastic lava viewing highlights from Two Pineapples, and as usual discuss live viewer questions. We continue to keep tabs on Maunaloa following its earthquake swarm a month ago and slowly increasing ground deformation, with still only minor changes evident as it continues its long-term inflation. An examination of a shallow M3.7 on the northwest flank illustrates the range of ground adjustments away from the summit, but thus far nothing more. In American Samoa, new monitoring equipment has allowed USGS-HVO scientists to constrain the ongoing earthquake swarm to Taʻu volcano and eliminate Ofu-Olosega as the source, while still continuing to calibrate the network and install additional equipment such as GPS in coming weeks. We summarize the USGS public releases including photos of Taʻu and its installations, as well as review the unique time-zone arrangements around Samoa.

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