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Kīlauea Eruption Update: Deflation Precedes 1-Year Anniversary, Maunaloa & Samoa

3:06 AM · Sep 16, 2022

The final weeks ahead of Kīlauea eruption's one-year anniversary have brought subtle changes to monitoring signals from the volcano, with GPS and ground-tilt suggesting a recent shift to small-scale deflation. The overall character of the eruption remains steady, with the persistent open lava lake still circulating and providing great views to visitors, and all indications suggest little change in the magmatic plumbing underground. In other words, there is still no increased lava threat outside of Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, though gas emissions continue to produce vog that impacts downwind communities in south and west Hawaiʻi. We review the monitoring signals, webcam time-lapses, images, and reports courtesy of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory that document the small changes in activity, interspersed with discussions of live viewer questions. We share lava viewing highlights, summaries of eruption rates, volumes and filling rates, and special time-lapses of the long-term patterns of eruption. We cover Maunaloa, continuing its recent minor changes, as well as American Samoa where seismic activity continues to decline.

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