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Kīlauea Eruption Update, Day 82: March 12, 2021

3:14 AM · Mar 13, 2021

Localized changes in Kīlauea's eruption within Halemaʻumaʻu crater continue around the West Vent, with a new lava entry into the still growing lava lake: New: - Northeast section of West Vent builds side pond, bursts, now steady 2nd entry into lake, crusted over - Lava lake's liquid surface recedes on north and south ends, becoming oval shaped - Deflation-inflation cycle completes, new one in progress - Lava depth back to maximum recorded so far at 221 m / 725 ft - SO2 emissions still fluctuate ~700-800 t/d Besides the ongoing activity at Kīlauea summit, we also review new video from Puʻuʻōʻo and the Lower East Rift Zone, and recent activity on Maunaloa including earthquakes and monitoring signals, while addressing live viewer questions as well. Using USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory monitoring streams, reports, media, and webcam images, we review the geologic changes in the eruption while adding context, commentary and annotation, including our own time-lapse sequence productions.

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