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Kīlauea Eruption Update, Day 114: April 13, 2021

3:04 AM · Apr 14, 2021

As Kīlauea’s eruption approaches the 4-month milestone, Halemaʻumaʻu crater continues to slowly fill with lava with only minor changes around the West Vent: Latest on Kīlauea, Eruption Day 114 (Week 16): -West Vent entry fully shifted north since March 22, following change on March 5-7 -Lava pulses trigger breakouts of entry lava tube and ooze-up flows from nearby crusted lake perimeter, both at the same time -SO2 last week measured by USGS between ~850-1000 tonnes/day, within average range of the past 2 months -Lava lake slowly fills around 1 m / 3 ft each week, now 226 m / 741 ft deep (USGS); still well below the inner-most crater rim and not visible from public areas on the ground Small changes around the west vent entry continue as the lava pathway evolves under the filling lake. Otherwise, no indications of any major change in the eruption are apparent in monitoring signals or have been reported by the USGS, and the low-effusion phase may continue as it has for the past 2 months. We review monitoring data, time-lapses and photos on Kīlauea's ongoing eruption available courtesy of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, including a closer look at the cracks oozing lava with pulses at the West Vent, and discuss live viewer questions as usual.

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