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IRS Releases Form to Help Everyone Get Stimulus Payment

9:49 PM ยท Apr 10, 2020

For people who don't normally file tax returns, the IRS has now created a simple form to fill out online that will enable anyone to get the stimulus payment. The quickest way to get the payment is to have online checking so the direct deposit can be made as soon as possible, even starting this next week. Fortunately, you can create a checking account with Square's Cash App for free online. Once you do that, you will have routing and account numbers on your new square cash account that you can give to the IRS. They will then directly deposit your stimulus $. All this can be done from home with a smart phone. Of course you can also have the $ deposited in a local bank account if you have one. Here is a link to sign up for Square Cash App - Here is the IRS form you will then need to fill out if you are a non-filer or have not filed your taxes yet. *If you sign up for the free Square Cash App via the link above, both you and I will get $5.