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In under 5 years, Kilauea's summit has had:

4:23 AM · Feb 28, 2023

2018 - A caldera collapse and large rift zone eruption, dropping the floor of Halema'uma'u 1,640 ft (500m). 2019 - A freshwater lake fed from the water table fills in the bottom of the collapse pit, depth peaking at 164ft (50m) deep. 2020 - An eruption inside Halema'uma'u that boils away the water lake and fills up the collapse area with lava up 751ft (229)m. 2021 - A fresh eruption inside Halema'uma'u breaks the crust of the hardened top layer of the previous lava lake's surface, lava fills up to 1,211ft (369m) inside the collapse area. 2022 - After more than a year of continuous eruption with a few brief pauses, activity slows then stops on Kilauea following the eruption of Mauna Loa. 2023 - A few weeks later, a fresh dike propagates and the 2023 eruption begins. So far fill up to 1,243ft (379m) as of Feb 3rd. Current activity - reduced for the past week, confined to the inner eruptive pit of the 2021-2022 eruption but feeding through a different spot. Images and data courtesy of USGS-HVO, elevation profile as of Feb 3, 2023.

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