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Ikaika Marzo, 2018 Eruption Week 1

1:19 AM · Mar 31, 2020

-"We have an eruption, we have an eruption!" -"We gotta get people out of here NOW!" -"We need more, we want to know more, we want to be informed more." -"I'm doing this because I care about my community, to make sure everybody's safe, everybody knows what's going on." Ikaika Marzo — a Puna resident and community leader — was widely recognized during the 2018 Kīlauea eruption "for his exemplary on-the-ground efforts monitoring and sharing information... and his initiative to organize donations for the communities affected." -Pacific Risk Management ʻOhana (PRiMO), August 9, 2018 A group of over 100 organizations protecting Pacific Island communities from natural hazards. These are excerpts from the day before the eruption and the next 3 days broadcast by Marzo on Facebook Live.

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