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Hawaiian Volcanoes Summary: Kīlauea Quakes Spike, Still Elevated

2:20 AM · May 27, 2023

Observations on Kīlauea indicate that magma is accumulating beneath its surface, but there is no immediate threat of a summit eruption. However, heightened unrest suggests that an eruption could occur suddenly. The inflation of the summit is still higher than before the previous eruption in January 2023. Earthquake activity increased in the summit region with over 100 events on May 20th, including three magnitude 3 earthquakes. The seismicity has decreased slightly but remains elevated, and ground tilt measurements show ongoing inflation, albeit at a slower rate. A curious tooth-shaped signal was observed on May 20th due to the different offsets caused by the earthquakes. Only time will tell when this buildup of magma will result in a new eruption or continuation of previous activity. There is no indication of unusual activity in the volcano's rift zones, posing no increased threat to people. However, gas emissions, particularly sulfur dioxide, continue to be a primary concern for nearby residents. Maunaloa remains quiet as magma refills its summit reservoir, with no significant changes.

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