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Hawaiian Volcano Update: Maunaloa Glows, Kīlauea Lava Overturning During Pause

3:18 AM · Dec 16, 2022

This week, the magma supply to both Maunaloa and Kīlauea volcanoes is paused, but while Maunaloa continues to glow as it winds down from its eruption, Kīlauea's recently-crusted lava lake has been overturning since yesterday, flashing red lava on its surface as it continues to cool and degas. Monitoring signals still show ongoing equilibration within Maunaloa and ongoing magma build-up within Kīlauea. The pause in activity has brought a welcome reprieve in gas emissions and public impact of vog, and earthquakes have also trended downward. As usual, we review the changes through imagery, reports and monitoring data courtesy of the USGS-HVO, discuss live viewer questions, and annotate the presentation on-screen as we go.

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