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Hawaiian Volcano Update: Kīlauea Ramping Up?

3:02 AM · Apr 14, 2023

More than 30 days since its last active surface lava, Kīlauea's underground adjustments continue, revealed by changes in monitoring signals. After several days of diminished earthquakes around the summit, their rate elevated today coincident with a rapid increase in ground-tilt, which climbed nearly 3 microradians from 5am to 3pm today. Preliminarily, today's signal resembles that seen 1 day prior to the small March 11 summit intrusion, a result of magma movement beneath the summit once surface activity was ceased. Only time will tell if these signals are the harbringers of an intrusion, resumption, or new summit eruption, but they do suggest the potential of imminent change. There is still no sign of magma movement outside the summit, though Kīlauea's south flank adjustments have started to affect its upper East Rift Zone. It seems only a matter of time before that pathway is reoccupied within the National Park, but that would still be distant from residential areas. Thus there is no increased concern for local communities at this time. The most persistent impact is still the vog from background volcanic emissions, occasionally affecting nearby communities. Still little change on Maunaloa and no cause for increased concern there as well, despite its resumption of long-term post-eruption inflation. As usual, our live presentation reviews the recent changes using webcam timelapses, monitoring data and reports courtesy of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, annotated on-screen, and we discuss live viewer questions. LIVE UPDATE -

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