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Hawaiian Volcano Summary: Kīlauea Swelling Continues, Earthquakes Slow

3:58 AM · May 6, 2023

Seismicity beneath Kīlauea's summit has somewhat slowed, though the volcano still continues to swell. This week looks likely to end with just over 400 earthquakes on Kīlauea, still elevated but down from over 800 the week before and over 600 the week prior. Based on ground-tilt and GPS monitors courtesy of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, the summit caldera continues to uplift and spread, suggesting magma is still rising and moving within the volcano. Land movements facilitated by the earthquakes may be temporarily relieving the pressure of accumulating magma, leading to fewer earthquakes for now. It still seems just a matter of time until this pattern leads to a new intrusion, eruption, or resumption of the previous activity, but all the signals remain at the summit. There is no sign of anything unusual in either of the volcano's rift zones, and thus no increased threat to people. Gas emissions continue, measured at approximately 135 tonnes of sulfur dioxide per day this past week, and remain the primary threat to nearby residents. Maunaloa's brief earthquake flurry last week has quieted, with no further changes to report. update -

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