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Hawaii Goes Under Tsunami Watch From M8.2 Earthquake on the Alaska Peninsula

6:41 AM · Jul 29, 2021

A preliminary magnitude 8.1 earthquake off of Chignik, Alaska with a depth of 46.66km has raised a Tsunami Watch for the Hawaii Islands. EDIT: Tsunami Watch for Hawaii has been CANCELED by the PTWC as of 9:54pm (Update 3). Have a good night everyone. "Based on all available data a tsunami may have been generated by this earthquake that could be destructive on coastal areas even far from the epicenter. An investigation is underway to determine if there is a tsunami threat to Hawaii. If tsunami waves impact hawaii the estimated earliest arrival of the first tsunami wave is 12:53am HST, Thursday 29 july 2021" Update 2 (9:32pm hst): "We are currently waiting for further sea level data to determine the hazard level to Hawaii."

Aloha Dane. When I lived on Miramar Beach in Half Moon Bay, California, we were evacuated up to the high school at least once or twice a year to avoid Tsunamis that never came. Then Loma Prieta came in October 1989 to shake down the Cooper House in Santa Cruz, and a friend's apartment in the Marina District of San Francisco (luckily she was not in that evening), and we lost a section of the Bay Bridge, not to forget those poor souls crushed under the Cypress Section of the Bridge entrance ramp in Oakland, and I'd had enough of the Golden State after many happy years, and since 1990 my family has enjoyed the long summers in Colorado. I'd rather duck tornados, or live in the shadow of the Yellowstone caldera than deal with annual wildfires and surprises the Ring of Fire has in store for coastwatchers. Best wishes to you, Philip, and all of your neighbors on the Big Island tomorrow. This is one of those times I hope that a USGS prediction is yet another flop. Peace. -- kwgm

Jul 29, 2021


crazy. The wildfires really are getting bad in CA.

Jul 30, 2021

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