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Footage Compilation of The 2023 Kilauea Eruption - USGS Footage

3:40 AM · Jun 27, 2023

After a three-month hiatus, Kīlauea volcano erupted on June 7, 2023, with spectacular lava fountains reaching hundreds of feet up into the air. Over time, the lava inundated approximately 370 acres of the crater floor, with an increase in depth of 33 feet. This eruption was followed by the collapse of the eruptive vent on the southwest wall on June 15, renewing constant lava spattering and creating visible lava fountains from the caldera's edge. On June 19, after a significant outpouring of lava from the southwest cone over almost two weeks - the eruption paused. This eruption resulted in roughly 368 acres of new lava. This video takes all video footage released by the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory over the course of the eruption, music credit to Scott Buckley - MONOMYTH – THE RESTORATION.

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