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Floral Bouquets From the Rainforests of Nanawale Estates, Pahoa, Puna, Hawaii.

6:18 PM · May 10, 2021

Every Thursday morning as the sun begins her ascent into the heavens, come rain or shine I begin my journey in the gathering of blossoms for floral bouquets. In my search for these island blooms with clipper in hand, and boots at my feet I search tirelessly and with a song in my heart until flowers are selected for each bouquet. I stepped foot into the nearby jungles nearly three years ago gathering blooms for myself, my home. When tragedy struck and the demise of COVID-19 pandemic began its spread throughout the world but most importantly, Hawaii, I was troubled. The place of my birth and now home after having been absent for more then 45 years. The desire to do something for someone pestered my heart and mind. I was frightened and truly overwhelmed. One day as I sat alone listening to my church leader speak, during spring conference, his words rang strong and touched me deeply. He said, “During thèse trying moments in each of our lives, we should reach out and comfort those in need. Touch their lives by doing something which makes them smile and be uplifted by your kindness and good deeds.” Many moons have come and gone and this Thursday come rain or shine, with clipper in hand and boots I shall once again travel deep within the infested mosquito forests gathering flowers to share with love. Aloha wau ia oe. Until then . . . Aloha oe!


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May 10, 2021

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