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Eruption Quick Take: Waning flow & crustal overturning

10:25 PM · Jan 22, 2021

In today’s quick take we examine what happened when the lava flow was reduced out of the West Vent over the last two and a half days, in response to a natural pressure cycle on the volcano. The lava lake crust stagnates and repeatedly overturns, with pulses of lava flows potentially inducing the sequences, which we illustrate with USGS video clips. We present our time-lapse compilations juxtaposing the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s web-cams looking into Kīlauea volcano, in the pit of Halemaʻumaʻu. The upper image shows the visible image S1cam with a view towards the north, and the lower image shows the thermal image F1cam with a view towards the east. The sequences end after the natural pressure cycle increase, with a visible increase in lava flows which continues at the present time. #Kilauea2021 Images from F1cam & S1cam & Video courtesy of USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Image collection: Bob Martin Compilation & narration: Philip Ong

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