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Eruption Quick Take: Crusted lake rising, lifting north vent cone

1:48 AM · Jan 22, 2021

In today’s quick take we’re looking at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s F1 thermal camera looking into Kīlauea volcano, in the pit of Halemaʻumaʻu. We begin with zoomed-in time-lapses of the last ten days, looped forwards and backwards, showing a rising motion of the back crust which carries the inactive north vent cone. The big island is seen to be moving a little as well. In the next sequence, we see the crusting over of the back part of the lava lake only interrupted what was already a rising motion happening before, then it keeps going as already seen. We end with the full 1 month of eruption time-lapse showing 2 days per second, first forwards and we close in reverse. #Kilauea2021​ Images from F1cam courtesy of USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Image collection: Bob Martin Compilation & narration: Philip Ong

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