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Earthquakes on Maunaloa, January 2021 USGS Update

9:37 PM · Feb 2, 2021

The latest update on Maunaloa earthquakes at the start of 2021, edited from a USGS-Hawaiian Volcano Observatory presentation by Frank Trusdell on January 28 as part of Volcano Awareness Month entitled, "When will Mauna Loa erupt next?". We have clipped and reordered the content to create a stand-alone excerpt focused solely on earthquakes. Besides current seismicity, Trusdell reviews the precursors to the 1975 and 1984 Maunaloa eruptions and makes comparisons to the activity today. "What can we learn from Mauna Loa’s past eruptions? What are the signs we need to look for in the future that might portend the next eruption of the world’s largest active volcano? Join USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geologist Frank Trusdell, who has studied Mauna Loa for two decades, as he presents his talk about Earth’s largest volcano." Source video courtesy of US Geological Survey: "When will Mauna Loa erupt next?" by Frank Trusdell, Jan 28, 2021.

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