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Census Results Are In - Hawaii's Population Grows By 7% In The Last Decade

12:57 AM · Apr 27, 2021

The 2020 Census results for congressional apportionments and population for every state have been released. Data collected shows that the total population in the State of Hawaii is now 1,455,271 people, up from 1,360,301 in 2010, representing a 7% increase over the last decade. Hawaii's population increase of 7.0% is very close to the US average, which between 2010 and 2020 shows a 7.4% increase. The top States that have the most significant population growth the United States as a whole are shown to be Utah (+18.4%) and Idaho (17.3%). There are three states that decreased in population over the last decade, West Virginia (-3.2%), Mississippi (-0.2%), and Illinois (-0.1%). Puerto Rico saw by far the most significant population decrease of -11.8%. No Congressional seats changed for Hawaii. States that gained additional seats include Texas (+2), Oregon (+1), Montana (+1), Colorado (+1), Florida (+1), and North Carolina (+1). Where states that lost 1 representative include California, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. By region, the west coast (9.2%) and the south (10.2%) grew faster than both the mid-west (3.1%) and the northeast (4.1%). Image source:

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