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BREAKING: Kīlauea Summit Erupts For 3rd Time in 2023

2:38 AM · Sep 11, 2023

Following a “period of strong seismicity and rapid uplift”, Kīlauea has begun to erupt at its summit, with the new fissure spreading from the eastern edge of the recent lava lake across the down-dropped block to the east. This is the volcano's third eruption in 2023, following two months of activity from January to March and another two weeks of activity in June. Gas emissions can be expected to spike dramatically for the next few days, decreasing exponentially thereafter, affecting nearby communities to volcano and the leeward areas of Hawaiʻi Island. Individuals with respiratory issues in these areas should take suitable precautions during this time. As the initial fissure continues its opening phases, lava appears to be rapidly covering the down-dropped block while also layering over the recent lava lake. We examine the live monitoring signals and reports courtesy of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and live feeds from webcams and our on-site streaming partners Two Pineapples at the start of this newest eruption. The eruption appears to be contained within the summit region as expected, similar to the previous four eruptions since the 2018 activity. There are no indications of any significant changes near populated areas, and thus no increased lava threat to people.

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