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Amazing Photos From Hualālai By Andrew Hara

3:58 AM · Apr 13, 2021

Glimpses of some of the many unique craters on Hualālai, as captured by Andrew Hara. All to often encased in fog, Hualālai is the western most, and 3rd most active of Hawai’i Island’s major volcanoes. The last eruption was in 1801, which may seem like a long time ago, but in terms of geologic time it was a very recent eruption. The slopes of Hualālai offer several unique ecosystems largely untouched by development, and includes many cultural and archeological sites. Uluhaʻo o Hualālai are the Duarte 'Ohana, caretakes and stewards of the mountain for the four generations. They aim to share their knowledge of stewardship of Hualālai’s natural and cultural resources with groups with respect, as the upper slopes of Hualālai are off-limits to all but a few. “Uluhaʻo o Hualālai’s mission is to engage families in the stewardship of Hualālai’s natural and cultural resources for generations to come. The methods of protection of this Wahi Pana (Sacred Place) are through education, helping to perpetuate cultural significance, targeting invasive species removal, and restoration of the native forest.” ~ Andrew Hara For more information see @uluhaoohualalai

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