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Alien Lava Form

8:28 PM · Mar 14, 2021

Lava makes many shapes as it moves and cools. Sometimes the shapes it creates in its molten form only lasts for seconds. Through photography we can capture those incredible moments in time and share them now and with generations to come. This ocean lava flow created an awesome shape of what appears to be an alien head and body which can be seen in the bottom right corner of the image. That unique shape lasted for only a couple of seconds and then had formed into something different. I love the contrast of the lava and lava rock against the daylight. The ocean and lava interacting with each other can be one of the most mesmerizing scenes at the volcano. This particular day there is no one else around but me to enjoy and absorb this incredible energy. I feel so lucky to be able to share with the world. Hope you enjoy my images. Picture taken at Kilauea’s lava cliffs, 5/25/13. -Warren Fintz