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Kilauea & Mauna Loa Quick Update - Lakes Overflow, Lava Drop Repeats

2:12 AM · Feb 11, 2023

One month into Kīlauea's 2023 activity, minor changes continue to occur on the eruptive surface on Halemaʻumaʻu crater floor, broadly following the pattern of its 2021 activity thus far. This past week, the eruptive output appeared to generally hold steady, producing surface lava in 6 different areas within the 300-acre inner crater floor. Most dynamic is the ~25-acre eastern lake with its still-persistent lava fountain that overflows over its perched margin. The lava lake has changed again yesterday in sync with the latest deflation-inflation (DI) cycle within the volcano's summit, the first since last week's event caused a drop in lava levels and briefly divided the lava lake in two. Similarly, lava levels dropped again, revealing over a dozen islets within the lake that now protrude above the surface, stagnating circulation and allowing much of the lava surface to crust over. A resumption of activity is expected at the end of this ground-tilt cycle on the volcano.

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