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Insights From The First Mauna Loa Eruption In Nearly 40 Years Hawaii - ADITP

4:46 AM · Jan 25, 2023

After Dark In The Park, LIVE Tonight "After 38 years of quiescence, Mauna Loa erupted from November 27 through December 10, 2022. The eruption began in the summit caldera and within a day had migrated to the Northeast Rift Zone. Lava flows moved downslope on the northeast flank but eventually stalled before impacting a major highway. Join Matt Patrick and Mike Zoeller, geologists with the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, as they describe this historic eruption and what we’ve learned from it. Part of the USGS Volcano Awareness Month and After Dark in the Park series." Starting at 7pm HST - via LouAnna Pineapples

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