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Meanwhile on Kīlauea...

7:29 AM · Dec 6, 2022

The lava lake briefly crusted over today before resurfacing. Timelapse from the F1 thermal cam and KW cam. Today's update from USGS: "Eruption of lava from the western vent into the active lava lake and onto the crater floor continued over the past 24 hours. The active part of the lava lake has decreased by 1 meter over the past 24 hours. Overflight measurements from October 28, 2022, indicated that the crater floor had seen a total rise of about 143 meters (469 feet), and that 111 million cubic meters (29.2 billion gallons) of lava had been effused since the beginning of this eruption on September 29, 2021." "No significant changes have been observed at the summit or in either rift zone."

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