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Updated Online Vog Dispersion Model Released

9:59 PM · Nov 28, 2022

The online vog dispersion model now includes emissions from the Mauna Loa eruption: Vog (volcanic smog) is a mixture that includes gases but is predominately aerosols (tiny particles and droplets) formed when volcanic gas reacts with moisture, oxygen, and sunlight. Individuals with pre-existing respiratory conditions are the primary group at risk of experiencing health effects from vog exposures, but healthy people may also experience symptoms. The online VMAP Vog Forecast Dashboard displays information on ground level air quality from volcanic gas emissions. The VMAP forecasts are intended to (1) provide guidance on the location/envelope of the vog plume; and (2) provide guidance on the locations of possible health risks for general public, as defined by the EPA. All products, data and graphics provided on the VMAP website are for general information purposes only. Via HVO/USGS

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