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Hawaiian Volcano Update: Maunaloa Keeps Quaking, Kīlauea Pressure Shifts Deeper

3:15 AM · Nov 18, 2022

Maunaloa's earthquakes have slightly increased over the past week, continuing the pattern of elevated unrest within the volcano but still well below its late September peak. Other monitoring data have continued their trends suggesting deeper magma input into the volcano, over 2 miles (3 km) below the surface, with no shallower signals in over a month. Overall, this activity still “does not suggest that a progression to an eruption is certain, and there are no indications that an eruption is imminent.” Kīlauea's pattern continues its shift towards deeper pressure signals, with little uplift of the surface crust and lava lake in over a month that correlate with lower gas emissions from the volcano. Low-level earthquakes and ground deformation suggest ongoing filling of the deeper magma reservoir beneath the summit and the Upper East Rift Connector. Even with lower gas, vog remains the primary eruptive hazard for nearby and downwind communities. Lava viewing has remained a highlight for visitors to Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, with minor surface changes providing unique experiences. Overall this pattern is not a significant change, but part of the ongoing evolution of Kīlauea's magmatic system, with no increased threat to people. As usual, we review the changes through imagery, reports and monitoring data courtesy of the USGS-HVO, discuss live viewer questions, and annotate the presentation on-screen as we go.

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