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A Good Write-up On Mauna Loa is Rare, but I found one....

7:01 AM · Oct 17, 2022

Published today by SFGATE. They went to Mr. Maunaloa himself, volcanologist Frank Trusdell, and got his thoughts about the recent activity. “The unrest is likely caused by renewed input of magma into Mauna Loa’s summit reservoir system,” the advisory said. “As the reservoir expands it is triggering small earthquakes directly beneath Mokuaweoweo caldera in a region just to the northwest of the caldera.” ... “In this case, we have heightened seismicity, and the deformation, the ground is changing but not at a rapid rate to cause alarm,” says Trusdell. He does not believe these mean an imminent eruption is expected." ~Frank Trusdell Full write-up:

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