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Maunaloa Quakes Elevated Yet Reduced, Kīlauea Still Filling, Am. Samoa

9:53 PM · Oct 15, 2022

Hawaiian Volcano Update: We follow up on Maunaloa's recent earthquake swarm and continued elevated seismic rates, revisit historical patterns, and consider likely and worst-case scenarios whenever the next eruption comes — as there is still no sign of an imminent ramp-up in activity. Next, we catch up on Kīlauea, whose summit crater Halemaʻumaʻu continues to fill as before, with lava injected beneath and lifting the entire hardened crust spanning 294 acres (119 hectares). The active lava lake near the West Vent complex persists and has risen roughly 15 feet (5 m) since it dropped during the September 20th intrusion, putting it half-way back to its previous high level. As usual we review the webcams, media, monitoring data and releases courtesy of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, review gas emissions and vog as well as lava viewing conditions, and finally also consider the complications of the drop on volume and eruption rate calculations. Activity in American Samoa appears to have wound down, so we wrap up coverage of the earthquake swarm with summary data from the USGS-HVO, including location maps of the events.

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