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Compilation Of Newly Released USGS Drone Footage From The 2018 Eruption

4:03 AM · Jul 26, 2021

Video complication of the most recent release of drone footage from the Kīlauea Summit, released July 22nd, 2021. The Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (UAS) footage archive covers from May 19th, 2018 to September 5th, 2018. The footage archive is multiple hours long (linked below), condensed down to a couple minutes in sequential order. USGS Press Release: "The USGS recently published "Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (UAS) video of the 2018 summit eruption of Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaii." The Data Release contains Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (UAS) footage from the 2018 summit collapse of Kīlauea Volcano, Island of Hawai‘i." "The intrusion of magma into Kīlauea’s lower East Rift Zone triggered draining of the summit lava lake and magma withdrawal from the shallow reservoir. This resulted in 62 subsequent collapse events at the summit between May and early-August 2018. Each collapse event released energy equivalent to a magnitude-5.3 earthquake. The total collapse volume was about 0.8 km^3, with subsidence of more than 500 m in some places. There are 73 UAS videos in this publication, recorded from May 19 to September 5." Drone Footage courtesy of: USGS: Hawaiian Volcano Observatory “Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (UAS) video of the 2018 summit eruption of Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaii” Archive link: Video:

Hey Dane! The article's title is correct, but just in case you are inclined to want to fix it, the first sentence reads "complication" instead of compilation. I'm sure editing video recordings has its complications, and you do a great job with the "Drones On" series, so kudos for sharing this important aspect of the 2018 eruption from the human impact perspective. Aloha!

Jul 30, 2021

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