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Molokai Fracture Zone Explained - Stream Highlight

3:20 AM · Jul 14, 2021

Geologist Philip Ong discuss the possible association of last week's M5.2 and M4.2 offshore earthquakes with either the more traditional tectonic flexure, or the less-known Molokai Fracture Zone, which runs from Molokai all the way to Baja, California. Historically, the Molokai Fracture Zone generated a magnitude 7.5 earthquake on Lanaʻi in 1871 and a magnitude 6.8 near Maui in 1938. Philip takes us through the geology of the fracture zone and explains some of the history around it. NOTE: Since this recording was made USGS made a revision on the M4.2 earthquakes on July 7th, removing the deeper of the two earthquakes.

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