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10:09 PM · Jan 30, 2021

7 new cases on island via Hawaii DoH. There have been a total of 2,151 (+7 today) confirmed cases on Hawaiʻi Island according to DoH. There has been 86 cumulative cases on island in the last two weeks. 2 hospitalized on the island via last report (HCCD). Hawaii Island Deaths Total: 53 – There have been no deaths reported in the last four weeks, via HCCD. Dept of Health is two days behind on the 7-day average tracking of test positivity; the latest positivity rate is at 0.8% on island, and the state's positivity is now at 2.3%. On Thursday, (1.28.20) there were 840 tests processed in Hawaii County. 1,006 passenger arrivals on island Jan 28th. On December 26th there were 2,333 passenger arrivals, surpassing the previous record for most arrivals since the March and the start of the 14 days quarantine. Passenger arrivals have returned to levels close to those seen on the October 15th 'reopening' and the beginning of the pre-travel screening program. STATE STATS: Total Cases Statewide: 25,771 (+116* today) Cases in the past 14 days: 1,456 Total Hospitalizations: 1,694 (+11) Total Deaths: 407 (0) * As a result of updated information, one case from Kauai was recategorized to Maui, and one case on the Island of Hawaii was removed from the counts. ~ DoH


Guess it is a net +7 on the island as CD says - HIEMA has 8 new cases but one was removed ...

Jan 31, 2021

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