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West Vent Cone Growing - Kīlauea Thermal Timelapse

4:28 AM · Jan 13, 2021

This 40-hour time-lapse from a thermal camera on the edge of Kīlauea volcano's summit crater spanning 8 seconds shows the growth of the spatter cone that erupts lava into the pooling lava lake below. This period of activity has been described by USGS Volcanoes Twitter: "Over a few days #Kilauea2021 western fissure #eruption escalated from weak spattering to continuous low fountaining. Yesterday, an open channel fed #lava into the #Halemaumau #LavaLake. Fountain top is ~40m (131ft) above lake surface."( The Hawaiʻi Tracker compilation of thermal camera images spans January 11-12, 2021, and has been cropped and enlarged to focus on the growing pile of hardened lava that makes up the west vent, whose top can be seen to occasionally collapse. A block of cooled, solid lava can be seen floating across the lake towards the entry point at the end of the clip, on the second day. The 8-second clip is looped 5 times. #Kilauea2021 Individual frames sourced from and courtesy of USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory's F1cam: Image collection: Bob Martin

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