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4.1 Mauna Loa Quake Felt Island-wide

7:05 PM · Dec 4, 2020

At 7:44am HST, a M4.1 earthquake (reviewed) occurred about 4.5 miles west of Mauna Loa's summit caldera Mokuʻāweoweo at a depth of 2.9 miles. USGS Felt Reports suggest it was felt most widely on the western and northern parts of the island, from South Point up the Kona coast to Kohala and around to Honokaʻa, with reports also submitted from the Hilo area. This event falls into the pattern and location of previous Mauna Loa summit earthquakes, and on its own is no reason for further alarm. Mauna Loa volcano remains relatively quiet amid a long-term trend of inflationary filling by underground magma. Other volcanic signals including ground deformation, gas emissions, and increased seismicity in earthquake counts (rather than only in magnitude) are expected before a change in the status of the volcano, which remains at alert level Yellow. Sources:

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