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The Massive Pohoiki Beach Slowly Still Growing

1:58 AM · Nov 25, 2020

Blue skies and large surf at Hawaii's newest beach. Rocks from the 2018 eruption have been eroding off the lava delta just north of Pohoiki, and washing into First Bay, slowly adding to the beach. The shoreline is now almost entirely small rocks stretching from the boat ramp to the end of Second Bay. Plans to dredge the sand and rocks out the bay blocking the boat ramp and reestablish a clear channel are proceeding, more info expected in the upcoming months. The drastic changes over the last two years are not done yet. The tidal pools around Pohoiki increased in temperature roughly 6 months ago, and have stayed hot since. I will be making a dedicated post about the temperatures of these pools in the upcoming days with multiple samples over the last few months.

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