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USGS-HVO Presentation Highlights: 2018 Eruption Science

11:03 PM · Mar 12, 2020

The scientific summary and analysis of the 2018 Kīlauea Eruption, compiled from USGS-Hawaiian Volcano Observatory presentations during the month of January as part of Volcano Awareness month. We have clipped relevant portions relating to the 2018 eruption from 5 different, broader-ranging public talks, cleaned them up, and arranged them in a logical progression. The intent is to present mostly the newly shared information and results, rather than data discussed in our previous updates or the basics of volcano monitoring. Includes: 0:00 - Overview & build-up to the eruption 6:03 - The initial eruption sequence, M6.9 earthquake & effects 11:55 - The continuing eruption and 2nd phase 20:31 - Summit collapse & seismicity 27:07 - New insights in the science of summit collapse 36:07 - Pulses and surges from Fissure 8 40:08 - Stability of the Kapoho lava delta 43:51 - Magma movement deciphered from lava chemistry Questions will be answered in an upcoming video, so please drop them in the comments! What has you confused, or needs more explanation and context?

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